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Dental Financing FAQs

Do I have to pay a deposit?
No, a deposit is not required for this program.

Can I pay for a portion of the treatment myself and apply for the remainder?
Yes. When applying with HealthSmart Financial a limit is not requested. Instead, an available amount is offered. You can use whatever is available to you within one year of your application.

Can I pay off my account before the term ends?
Yes, there are no prepayment penalties. 24/7 access to your account will allow you to make payments anytime, anywhere.

Will applying hurt my credit rating?
Yes and no. If your credit rating is checked more than four times a year you may be affected, but most people do not have a need to check their rating more than four times annually.

Can I apply and use my credit for any members of my family?
Yes, anyone in your immediate family may use your available credit.

I’m concerned I won’t be approved for Dental Financing.
We hear that a lot. However, over 89% of our applications are approved because the financing company factors more than just your credit rating into their decision.

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